Stock Market 101: The Laziest Path to Wealth

Stock Market 101: The Laziest Path to Wealth

Retirement is not an age or an amount of money. It's a group of skillsets! This course guides you through how the average person can build wealth through the stock market.

13 Modules

Module 0: What can the stock market do for you, pre-investment must do's, & my personal returns

Module 1: What the f-un are stocks? Investing explained. What investing account to make & getting paid for it

Module 1.5 Compound Interest Calculator (how to tell how much you need to invest to reach a goal)

Module 2: Index Funds vs Mutual Funds vs ETFs (what's the difference? what stocks do I buy?)

Module 3.5: Stock buying video tutorial (Partial shares, Individual stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Index Funds)

Module 5: Capital gains tax, and protecting your portfolio with tax-deferred investment accounts - retirement accounts (401K, IRA, ROTH IRA)

Module 6: How much money do we need to be financially independent? How to find your retirement dollar amount!

ZOOM NIGHT - Diversification (In an individual company and across commonly held assets)

Modules for this product 13
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