Funancialism's Investing 101 for BCBAs (free)

This is a sign-up sheet for a free workshop that analyzes investing through a behavioral framework. By a BCBA, for BCBAs. You will receive a ZOOM LINK upon sign up & email reminder!

The zoom is for Saturday 11/27/2022 9AM PACIFIC (12PM EASTERN)

It can be a very demanding job. I've been doing ABA since 2015 (the same year I started investing in stocks). I've had a diverse range of clients and although the procedures are individualized to each, the strategies we use are the same. I decided to use some of these strategies on my personal finances and wow...

I'm estimated to be able to live a work optional life by 2030! 

BCBAs don't just have a nice income, they also have a pretty life changing skillset. To perceive human behavior through the lens of "behaviorism". We use antecedent & consequence strategies to change the lives of so many people - why not use them on ourselves?

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