Investing for Beginners Wait-List (Stock Market 101)

An 18 year old who invests $6,000 every year for 4 years and NEVER invests a dollar again (besides what was invested) will retire a millionaire. 

That's the classic example to convince people that investing is incredible, but one thing the example lacks is realism. 

Most 18 year olds don't have $6,000, but if they just knew sooner they MIGHT. Same with you. If you just knew how to navigate the market, you may have a different perspective about money.

I used to hate money. Until I realized the stock market is the greatest tool for transferring wealth that ever existed. In the year 2020 my networth grew by $100,000 mostly due to the power of investing consistently through 2015-2019. It was my small investments that compounded overtime and put in major work on the 5th year investing. 

This wait-list will TRAIN you for navigating the Stock Market 101 course & get you started investing. You will receive freebies for simply reading/opening up emails (I hope to give away at least $100+ to each of you). You'll receive a free live investing zoom and a Q&A session on June 4th, 9AM pacific. 

Investing is for everyone <3 

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