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Investing Journey: The Laziest Path to Wealth

One of the last images you'll see a picture representing my grandparents. Although they didn't know much about investing (coming from the Soviet Union), they did know money was something precious and to be taken seriously (You can't give away your hard-work!). It's thanks to their values instilled in me that I was able to use the tools given to me to build a work-optional life by 2030 (My journey is still in progress! But i'm more than halfway there after just 7 years)

I went from 2016, working 3 jobs 7 days a week...to 2023 working 1 job & running my own business with a $400,000 net worth...to being work-optional by 2030! Got a little ahead of myself with the last one! In 2016, I started investing in the stock market

By 2018, I made my work-optional road map

By 2019, I had a $100,000 net-worth!

Today (2023 at the time) I have a $400,000 net-worth!

All thanks for carving out my own investing journey and embarking on my path

^ What does she mean "boring" lol

Funancialism's Rewards Guide

Updated: January 2023 Time Estimated: 45 minutes

Credit card companies know 99% of people will NOT take advantage, and they can lure desperate people in. So I decided to make a list of all the links you can take advantage of ;)

I challenge you to go through ALL of these and claim over $1,000 from the people who hate you!


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This is a big hobby of mine that I've discovered a couple years ago. I've made a few thousand dollars doing this and thought I'd share it with you

This is time sensitive material, I would take advantage of all of these ASAP!  

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Funancialism Company Workshop!

The event will take place on:

03/02/2022 10:15AM Pacific (1:15PM Eastern) 

Estimated length: 50 minutes - 60 minutes for the workshop, 20-30 minutes for Q&A

If we run out of time, staff can feel free to email me or reach me on instagram.com/funancialism

Retirement 101 Workshop w/Funancialism!

You will gain access to the recording of the workshop which covers all of the content below

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