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Stock Market 101: The Laziest Path to Wealth

Most people think in order to build wealth you need to start a business, manage real estate property, or inherit a whole bunch of cash (actually, most people who do end up going broke within the first few years). There's a much lazier approach that involves only clicking buttons a keyboard, and it's much easier than you could ever think.

I'm talking about investing in the stock market! 

(check out the teaser module for my personal returns) 

Funancialism's Investing 101 for BCBAs (free)

This is a sign-up sheet for a free workshop that analyzes investing through a behavioral framework. By a BCBA, for BCBAs. You will receive a ZOOM LINK upon sign up & email reminder!

The zoom is for Saturday 06/18/2021 9AM PACIFIC (12PM EASTERN)

It can be a very demanding job. I've been doing ABA since 2015 (the same year I started investing in stocks). I've had a diverse range of clients and although the procedures are individualized to each, the strategies we use are the same. I decided to use some of these strategies on my personal finances and wow...

I'm estimated to be able to live a work optional life by 2030! 

BCBAs don't just have a nice income, they also have a pretty life changing skillset. To perceive human behavior through the lens of "behaviorism". We use antecedent & consequence strategies to change the lives of so many people - why not use them on ourselves?

Sign up for Funancialism's free Investing 101 for BCBAs workshop!!

Funancialism's Rewards Guide

Updated: August 1st 2022 (about $1250 in rewards for a family of 2, 18+)

Time Estimated: 1 hour

Most People: won't do this (lol sorry I had to be on brand)

I have gathered a solid 5 figures this year alone, (and the year before), signing up to company promos in VERY little time. As a behavior analyst, I think the reason why most people don't do this is because our minds try to avoid NEW tasks (even if they are short). We get a "brain-gag" feeling, like "UGH" I don't want to even though I KNOW the payout is amazing. 

I challenge you to go through ALL of these and claim over $1,000! 


Hi! By signing up you will unlock my rewards guide which provides you with bonuses/referral opportunities. You also get added to my newsletter which provides WEEKLY value with all the latest in stocks, crypto, and NFTs! I also send any quick money opportunities! 

This is a big hobby of mine that I've discovered a couple years ago. I've made a few thousand dollars doing this and thought I'd share it with you

This is time sensitive material, I would take advantage of all of these ASAP!  

PLEASE ADD Funancialism@Gmail.com to your MAIL ADDRESS to ensure my emails don't get marked as spam! 

Funancialism Company Workshop!

The event will take place on:

03/02/2022 10:15AM Pacific (1:15PM Eastern) 

Estimated length: 50 minutes - 60 minutes for the workshop, 20-30 minutes for Q&A

If we run out of time, staff can feel free to email me or reach me on instagram.com/funancialism

Revolutionize With NFTs (NFT 101 Workshop)

Just one year ago the Bored Ape Yacht Club was launched. 10,000 unique Apes were minted at a few $100 each. Today the cheapest one is 120 ethereum or roughly $360,000

To top it off, holders also received a "dividend" or "airdrop" of about $40,000+ in a new crypto called Apecoin which is promised to have a future application in the Metaverse

This is a life changing amount of money for many people.

So what's the deal? Is it too late? Is the hype dead? OR are we just getting started?

My friend Nick and I believe that this is JUST the beginning. NFTs will change the world. This workshop is intended to teach you how you can be a part of that change & build some wealth on the journey! 

This workshop will cover the following:

How to mint NFTs

How to get started buying them

Setting up accounts

Different Platforms you can use 

Buying with crypto and dollars



Protecting yourself from Scams


What NFTs we are holding and much more!

Use code: nftlife to get 15% off!

Investing for Beginners Wait-List (Stock Market 101)

An 18 year old who invests $6,000 every year for 4 years and NEVER invests a dollar again (besides what was invested) will retire a millionaire. 

That's the classic example to convince people that investing is incredible, but one thing the example lacks is realism. 

Most 18 year olds don't have $6,000, but if they just knew sooner they MIGHT. Same with you. If you just knew how to navigate the market, you may have a different perspective about money.

I used to hate money. Until I realized the stock market is the greatest tool for transferring wealth that ever existed. In the year 2020 my networth grew by $100,000 mostly due to the power of investing consistently through 2015-2019. It was my small investments that compounded overtime and put in major work on the 5th year investing. 

This wait-list will TRAIN you for navigating the Stock Market 101 course & get you started investing. You will receive freebies for simply reading/opening up emails (I hope to give away at least $100+ to each of you). You'll receive a free live investing zoom and a Q&A session on June 4th, 9AM pacific. 

Investing is for everyone <3 

Emergency Crypto Workshop


Crypto has crashed more than 60% from the top, Ethereum is back down to 2017 prices at the time of me typing this. 

Bitcoin is down HEAVILY.

This happened time and time again, but the difference this time is you're prepared

EVENT: Wednesday Night 6:30PM-7:30PM Pacific + Q&A

That's 9:30PM-10:30PM Eastern Time

June 15th 2022

Coupon codes are the following:

Discount1 for $5 entry

Discount2 for $10 entry

Discount3 for $15 entry

These will sell out! 

Investing 101 (For Beginners)

It is highly recommended before you join that you create an investing account

(If you don't feel comfortable do not worry, it's not essential - but it could help to follow along)

I will be using the brokerage firm: Webull (Investing App)

You can create an account here (3 minutes):

Create Your Investing Account Here

When you deposit $1 you will receive up to 12 free stocks to help you get started on your journey

Disclaimer: I am affiliated with Webull & will also receive free stocks

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