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Click the link above this. PS Before you open it I would recommend one behavioral strategy.

I noticed a lot of people usually walk away from free money BECAUSE they aren't used to it. I had a few co-workers actually make accounts and collect bonuses, but I was pretty shocked to find that about 20% of people actually did this. One of the people that made an account with Webull for example, got a $3,000 in Amazon stock! FOR 3 MINUTES OF WORK!

You've got this far! You're different!

Behavioral Tip: Set a 20 minute timer and put your phone on sleep mode. Go through as many as you can. Once the timer rings, take a break or decide to continue

Enjoy! Hope this helps! If you have family members over 18, you're basically making double for each person!

There is about $1250 in here for a family of two

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