Investing 101 (For Beginners)


My mom moved to the USA because her husband told her. She waited for him with a 9-month old infant (me), her abusive in-laws, in a land where the language was foreign and she had no clue how to navigate

After a few months she realized he isn't coming. He forged the divorce papers, forgoing child-support, and abandoning her in a foreign land

My mom believed everything happens for a reason, even if you have to force that reason to exist. So she forced it. 

She took her baby, figured out government assistance (Food stamps, Welfare checks), left her abusive in-laws, build a safe community around her (single women and families from Eastern Europe), studied english & computer programming, and started her life in the USA


Fast forward 29 years:

She has her own business, lives in a nice condo, kept most of her original community, drives a Mercedes (her dream car), & and has a solid 6 figure portfolio

Her son graduated UCLA, self taught himself investing in the stock market, manages both of their money (Mom has to approve every decision for her own positions, she will never let a man - or another person - control her financial situation again), achieved a Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis, became Board Certified, built a 6 figure portfolio within 4 years of being in the work force, & built a 30,000+ community on social media to spread financial health  awareness teaching people how to claim their own power in a humanity that makes it hard to do so


We know what it's like to lose. We also know what it's like to never give up. Heck, we didn't even realize how tough we had it until decades later. People were donating groceries and pillows when we first got to the states. Now we are in a position to be doing the donating (and we do)

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