Stock Market 101: The Laziest Path to Wealth Stock Market 101: The Laziest Path to Wealth

Stock Market 101: The Laziest Path to Wealth

My investing story:

It was 2003, we just moved into a new condo and my mom fell to the floor and sobbed. Management demanded $10,000 to repaint the building and do construction on the building. My grandmother walked up and said, “Never cry about money” and pulled out $10,000 from her bank account. Ten-year old me never thought this would be one of my most impactful money memories.

I never wanted to worry about money like mom did; I decided to learn everything I could about the stock market. I started investing in 2015. Fast forward 6 years, and I’ll likely never have to worry about money again…and neither will my mom

The investing world was tough to navigate alone. I watched my first investment crash by 70%. Last year my investment portfolio grew by over $100,000 (my mom was pretty happy about that). I learned everything the hard way so YOU don’t have to. Even with all of the mistakes I made, I was able to amass a portfolio of a quarter million dollars. I’m not complaining, but if I knew then what I know now, I’d have about $400,000-$500,000

That’s what this course is. Everything I know. I sorted through dozens of books, invested hundreds of hours into podcasts, and personally interviewed with some of the greatest self-made investors you can find.

For people who care more about the numbers:

I never had a 9-5 income that paid 6 figures (yet)

My net worth is over $300,000

The only difference between me and the average person, is that I learned how the stock market works. That's it. It's not luck, it's skill. The market rewards those who understand it. That's what I aim to do with this course. 

Help you understand, create a safe space to ask tense money questions. 

I speak with my students daily. We email, DM every single day. I do this because I love it. Because, I see the practical change it brings to people's lives. 

I'm so happy you are joining the journey!!!

This course is for YOU... know nothing about stocks or investing and want to get started don’t want to rely on social security when you retire want to learn how you can retire early by living off your investment portfolio have some debt but want to grow wealth at the same time

IF…you don’t want to count on your boss to give you a raise because you give it to yourself by investing (do both)

IF… you have cash saved up and don’t know what to do with it to have it working for you don’t want to spend 100’s of hours researching and want it all in one place WITH a teacher who cares about your situation 

IF… you want a financial advocate rooting for you in your corner, always a DM and email away

I had to learn everything the hard way, by hand. Smart people learn from their mistakes and successes; super smart people learn from other people's.

Join 100+ other students in learning how the stock market works! Read some testimonials below:

^ What does she mean "boring" lol

Here's a free investing hack before you purchase the course:

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OR email me 

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Time to build up our financial health; Enjoy the Laziest Path to Wealth! 

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Stock Market 101: The Laziest Path to Wealth

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